Tuesday, January 8, 2013


If you were a manger of a bank and you felt that you had dishonest employees how would you handle this?

I’m sure that very few would suggest hiring high tech bank robbers to manage the bank.

The same can be said of the City of Steubenville. Whatever your view is regarding city corruption or lack there of, one thing we should all be able to agree on is the safety of our children.

The other morning my sister and I were talking and she said, “Our children are not collateral damage.”  I agree.

I have heard and read statements like, “people in masks aren't violent and Anonymous is good.” I have no doubt that they have done something good in their history. After all, there are a lot of criminals that have done nice deeds, but it doesn't change the fact that they are criminals.

The point is, “YOU” attract like minded people. Why would an honest and good group that is working for truth and justice need to hack computers, and put innocent children in harms way?

A few people feel that we are making a big deal and are displaying an unnecessary fear of Anonymous. I feel the fear is justified.

This is a country of men and women who have fought to insure our “unalienable rights”, rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone or something like a (hacker group).

At the end of the day, a criminal is a criminal. You don’t solve your problems by adding more problems. And you are CRAZY if you think that you should fight crime with crime.

Our country is still trying to recover from hoods and masks so why would any sane person invite this into our community. Inviting people into our community with ridiculous face coverings hasn't created a "progressive" atmosphere of hope and change. It has done just the opposite. It’s taken our community back to a time of hatred, fear and distrust.

It’s a terrifying thought that our innocent children are being used as an example of cleaning up or uncovering “corruption”  “By Any Means Necessary, right???”

Never expect “corruption” to be cleaned up by unconscionable people. Never call in a fox to watch the hen house.

P.S. Yes, I used the word unconscionable. Anytime you can frighten children and never miss a beat, you are unconscionable.

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